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Strength training for recreational tennis players
39 €

4 different strength training workouts


Mobility routine 

Tennis warm up routine 

Tennis speed and agility
59 €

6 week training program. 2 training sessions per week.


Core routine 

Tennis warm up routine

Junior tennis fitness training program
39 €

6 week junior tennis fitness training program 

- Bodyweight strenght

- Speed

- Mobility

Get Fit at Home
39 €

6 week home/gym training plan

2 lower body + 2 upper body trainings


2 core routines

Strength for tennis
39 €

6 week training program.

2 training sessions per week.

How does the online coaching work with us?

As personal training is always a tailored experience, the first thing you will do is to fill out a questionnaire provided by NZ Fitness. After that we set a time for an initial video meeting where we discuss your current training routine and nutritional habits (optional), as well as the goals that you want to achieve. Once we’ve decided on the structure of your training regimen, you will be asked to register on our training platform where you will find your customised fitness program. After you’ve logged in for the first time, our journey towards achieving your goals can begin!