About NZ Fitness

NZ Fitness is a family owned business and a platform for online coaching. We have started this project with a goal to improve our clients’ experiences with online personal training so they can find it less complicated and more enjoyable.

Our mission at NZ Fitness is to help our clients achieve their fitness goals, both in professional sports and in everyday life. Whether your goals are better performance in sports, improved speed and agility, increased strength or endurance, fat loss, muscle gain, better health or overall well-being, we are here to guide you on your journey!

We at NZ Fitness believe that when creating a plan for our clients, metabolism, genetics, environment, age, habits and health status, all need to be considered. That being said, we think that an individual approach to training and nutrition, gives the best possible results. Each client gets his own customized plan, our guidance and support.

Don’t forget, our goal is to see you succeed!

At the moment, our team consists of two coaches: